Aquaponics Questions:

For any questions, please Read Dr. Michael Timmons Book  - Recirculating Aquaculture

APJPlus implementation Questions:

1) How many companies are involved in the development of APJPlus?

Currently there are 7 companies directly involved, and approximately 10 companies, indirectly involved. The company will also be bringing on partners in various forms. 

2) Many Aquaponics projects have failed. Why will APJPlus succeed?

APJPlus has a unique combination of Aquaponics and Aquaculture experts combined with successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. They are all located in Central Florida in the Orlando area. A high degree of aquaponics and business expertise is required to make a project of this magnitude successful. 

3) What us unique about the APJPlus business model?

Our model is based on a solid ESG implementation. Because the Orlando partners have already been helping rebuild downtown Orlando, they have integrated the rollout of the Aquaponics business with the reconstruction of downtown. This is unique as far as we know compared to any other Aquaponics implementation.

4) How long does it take to build a working Aquaponics facility?

It depends on the size. Smaller ones can be built in terms of weeks or a few months. Larger ones, like what is being built in Vero Beach, can take from 8 to 12 months, depending on a variety of factors, which our team is well versed in.  

5) How many jobs are created by a working aquaponics system?

We are estimating approximately 20 jobs in our facility and they range from manual specialists to high powered engineers and managers. So, the footprint of an Aquaponics system is very valuable to any community it operates in. 

6) When will you begin providing vegetables to Orlando?

We have some short term options to bridge the time to build our entire facility. We expect to be providing a full complement of the highest quality vegetables on a reasonable volume basis, by the end of June, 2021.