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Aquaponics is a major future food source for our Urban Cities. Although Hydroponics can provide an urban farm’s vegetable and fruits, Aquaponics is the king that can provide the protein by fish, create its own nutrients to grow new fruits and vegetables, and succeed in removing the waste generated. It is the ultimate path for Urban Centers to survive.

Aquaponics is misunderstood by many. So APJPlus has decided to create its own simplified dictionary that uses easy to understand and relatable terms, that will hopefully make aquaponics easier for all to understand.

We welcome suggestions for new aquaponics word definitions, and will identify authors of those words, if desired.  Please refer any new word suggestions to dictionary@apjplus.com. If accepted, we will notify you how to access.


Centriponics – Noun, an Aquaponics system in an Urban Center.

Entreponics – Noun, A hydroponics or aquaponics system used by an entrepreneur to create a local, regional or national community business.

Aqua (vegetable or fruit) – Noun, Any fruit or vegetable created by an aquaponics system. For example, aqualettuce is lettuice produced by an aquaponics system, aquagreens are greens produced by an aquaponics system.The term is valuable because it shows that the fruits and vegetables are truly produced locally and organically, safer for the environment, and helping the social structure through their creation.

RASponics – Noun, Recirculating Aquaculture Systems are systems that reuse water to provide the mechanism to allow fish to grow and produce waste.

Sustainaponics – Noun, The ability of an aquaponics system, with a proficient operational management and system, to create a sustainable system that operates predictably, with longevity. This term is important to use since many aquaponics systems have failed because of lack of knowledge by the creators, and lack of business planning required to make a complicated aquaculture system provide the base. Implementations like that of APJPlus, has all the components, technical and business knowledge, capable of producing a sustainaponics system.

Smartponics - Noun, The implementation of an Aquaponics farm with remote electronic management of key critical components. A smartponics farm has enough technology to identify a problem in time to fix it and avoid catastrophic results. 

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